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Day of the Dead - Papercuts

Day of the Dead - Papercuts
"In Mexico, papel picado (perforated paper), refers to the traditional art of decorative cut paper banners. Papel picado are usually cut with sharp fierritos (small chisels) from as many as fifty layers of colored tissue paper at a time. Designs may incorporate lattice-work, images of human and animal figures, flowers, and lettering. Many papel picado are made especially for the Mexican festival of the Days of the Dead and include skeletal figures engaged in the everyday activities of the living." [source] [more/more]

Día de los Muertos - Dancing Skeleton Animals

Cockfighting Skeletons

Aztec Sun Stone and Skeletons

Bicycle Skeleton - San Salvador Huixcolotla

Bride and Groom Skeletons

Bride and Groom in Horse-drawn Carriage

Horse-drawn Skeleton Carriage

Bullfighting Devil -vs- Skeleton

Skeleton Matador - day of the dead paper cutout

Skeletons on Horseback

Skeleton in Hat on Horseback (Día de los Muertos)

Ferris wheel of Skeletons

Coffin Carried by Skeletons

Dancing Caped Skeleton

Hot Air Balloon and Skeletons

La Catrina

La Catrina figures after Posada from the Day of the Dead - goldfoil and silverfoil papercuts

Male and Female (La Catrina) Skeletons

Musical Skeleton Trio

Musical Skeletons (Day of the Dead)

Skeleton Banquet

Two Skeletons Carrying a Coffin

Sun Face

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